A magnet designed by Kathy Davis with the words “Each Day is a Gift, Make the most of it” has been on my refrigerator for many years now.  This is not a new idea.  We all know it and tend to glaze over and think, “yeah I know” but rush on to the next “important” item on our list.  But, it IS something that we must be reminded of frequently.

Two events this week have me remembering this life lesson.  I did a portrait session for a couple the other day.  They are, let’s say, over the age when we tend to think about or want our portraits done.  This couple wanted to honor their everyday life together by capturing it in a portrait.  They didn’t wait for a grandchild’s graduation or wedding but instead celebrated their life now at this point.   They celebrated the small act of taking a walk with their dog each day.  They celebrated the small stuff that is actually the big stuff.

The second event was attending the funeral of a friend who died extremely unexpectedly at a relatively young age.  This was quite literally a stunning occurrence for our whole community.

So, yeah, maybe it’s cliché but it is SO true.

Each day is a gift, make the most of it.

Each Day is a Gift
©Gail S. Haile, Haile Fine Photography