One of my goals for this year was to get my work “out there” more.  When I set that intention, “out there” was a pretty nebulous concept but over the course of this year it has become concrete in a number of ways.  I will share more about “out there” another time.

One of the venues that I’ve discovered is a fantastic gallery/cooperative in Rochester, NY called the Shoe Factory Art Co-op.  It is housed in an old shoe factory, as the name implies, in an area called the Neighborhood of the Arts.   Every town should have a Neighborhood of the Arts!

Shoe Factory Art Co-op has a variety of exhibits throughout the year, each with a specific theme and they regularly post Calls for Artists for these exhibits.  A few weeks ago I saw their call for the exhibit, “Tone It Down  A Notch: Minimal Art“.  Immediately, I knew that this image was a good candidate for that theme.

Both this image and another (will post that tomorrow) were accepted for the show!  Opening reception is Friday, Nov. 2, from 6-9.  The exhibit will be up for the month of November, 2012.

This image was taken at Watkins Glen State Park, which is in the south central portion of NY State.  Watkins Glen is a wonderful series of waterfalls, caverns, and bridges with well over 800 steps on the 1.5 mile trail leading up to the top (yes, my husband counted them!).

This is actually an image of the reflection of one of the falls in the pool at the base of that falls.  The water here is loaded with tannins from the surrounding evergreen forests which gives it that characteristically brown tint.   I purposely used a slightly longer exposure and shifted the camera slightly when exposing to create a sense of movement.   I titled it “Entering” because, to me, it conveyed a sense of emerging into something new.