My first blog post was 9/29/2014, just 17 months ago, and 96 blog posts.  For someone who strongly resisted blogging for several years, I see this as a bit of a triumph. Scratch that, no, it’s a big triumph.              (Do you hear Kool & the Gang?  ” Celebrate good times, come on! ”  I do. 🙂 ) 

I’ve learned a great deal along the way, what works, what doesn’t, and I’m still learning. What I’ve learned recently is that Monday is not the best day for me to post, so I’ll be switching to Wednesdays.

I just didn’t want to disappoint anyone by skipping this Monday and leaving you, perhaps, wondering where I went. So I wanted to offer you something anyway to brighten your Monday.  Yesterday, under all the snow, at the edge of it, near the house, I noticed snowdrops poking their heads up in hope of spring.  They are called common snowdrops or Galanthus nivalis.  There’s nothing common about them to me.  They are a most welcome and hopeful sight each February, reminding me of good things to come.

©Gail Haile_Snowdrops

I did this portrait of a snowdrop last spring and thought I’d share it with you today.  Wishing this brings you good things this week.  Look for a new post on Wednesday!