I found these images in a folder labeled “spring 05” inside my “flowers” folder (that’s a rather large folder! 😉 )  The images were taken in early May.  Obviously, I’d gone out to try to catch some of the spring blooms, especially the trillium.  On second lookI still wasn’t crazy about the trillium images but there were a few unexpected gems that I had dismissed at that time.

It seems I did find at least one bloom, a bleeding heart, a plant that loves the shady areas and often has pink blossoms but occasionally shows it’s white version like this one.  With some enhanced contrast and detail it was much improved over the SOOC (straight out of camera) version. A vignette to darken the corners and focus more attention on the blossoms was all it needed to finish it.

The rest of the images I found in that folder had nothing to do with spring blossoms and were not the type of images I’m usually inclined to make.  In my travels that day, I came across this rusty old iron machine.  It’s quite large, probably 10 or 12 feet high.  I included the shot of the whole rig so you could get an idea of the whole machine.

I found the shapes and colors sort of interesting so took a few detail shots but, again, dismissed them at that time.  Revisiting them, I decided they had a bit of character and were worth working on a bit.    A bit of cropping, a bit of detail enhancement, and creating a sepia tone pulled out that character even further.  I love the way “Reliance” stands out.  They are very evocative of the industrial age.

So, if you have any clues as to what this mystery machine is, please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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