spent a few days in the Adirondacks  with 2 photographer friends at the end of August.  While hiking, (I need to interject here that hiking with photographers is a different sort of hiking…walk 5 minutes, find something interesting, shoot for 10 minutes, or more, walk 5 minutes, shoot for 15 minutes, and on like that. )  So, while hiking, I kept seeing all these single leaves and was drawn to capture them.

It wasn’t until I was reviewing my images that the thought occurred to me that these were early signs.  Yes, we all know that fall is coming and the leaves signal that to us.  We readily see the large overall change in the color of the forests that will be here in a few weeks. But unless you looked closely, you could have missed these single leaves, early signs of the next phase.  In our lives there are often small, barely noticeable signs that we are moving into a new phase.  Sometimes we may not notice them, other times, we may choose to ignore them but signs are there nevertheless.  Just something to ponder.  🙂

Would you please share this with anyone you know who might be interested in my work?  Thank you!