Art is a form of communication. You might think you make art as a form of self-expression, but you know that your work is incomplete until people see it and respond to it.”  Alyson B. Stanfield, aka the Art Biz Coach

I’ve been preparing for a new exhibit this week.  It’s a collaboration with my Pilates instructor, Melissa Lamendola, of Anatomy in Motion Pilates and Wellness Studio.

Alyson’s words keep coming back to me.  They are what push me to get my work “out there”. For years I had all these images sitting around and the only one who knew about them was me and perhaps a few friends or family.  I used to have this notion that if work was displayed it had to be in a Gallery (if I could put that word on a pedestal, it would better emphasize the notion I had of galleries).  Nothing else was “real”.  However, just by putting my work out for others to see, a conversation is created. My work has grown and expanded by being in conversation with a wider audience, even without being in a Gallery (pedestal here again). Insights and inspiration flow from others taking part in the conversation.

How can you take part in the conversation of art this week?

Below is a sneak peek at some of the images on display during the exhibit at Anatomy in Motion. There is an opening reception this Sunday, 9/28/2014 from 3-5 pm.  The exhibit will run through December.  

Curly Leaf Mandala 3  ©Gail Haile

Curly Leaf Mandala 3 ©Gail Haile

©Gail Haile Cottonwood Mandala 4

Cottonwood Mandala 4, ©Gail Haile

Beach Flow 1  ©GailHaile

Beach Flow 1 ©GailHaile


Sneak Peek at a portion of the exhibit in Anatomy in Motion Pilates and Wellness Studio