The autumn colors, at least from the changing leaves, are officially gone here.  Only a few stray leaves remain in the trees.  The streets are lined with tall piles of fallen leaves waiting for the village workers to come and suck them up into their massive vacuum.

So it’s especially inspiring to think of the glorious colors and light that we were privileged to experience this past month.  Last week’s post, Autumn Colors – Part Oneshared images of trees and leaves as they displayed their full fall glory.  In response to that post, one loyal reader emailed me with the most poetic description of the colors she had seen, Cruising down a local street lined with beautiful homes and well-kept yards, the sunlight was incredible! Or was it the leaves? Together nature had created an explosion of gold, saffron, and mustard so saturated and intense that it blew paint right out of the water! It seemed ‘alive,’ and it made my insides dance!” I could not say it any better!

This week I am sharing images of water that show off those autumn colors.  Again, I challenged myself to portray those colors in a unexpected way.

Water seems to be where my soul rests and photographing the light and colors in the water centers me as no other subject does.

The next time you look at a lake, a river, even a puddle, really look and see what you see besides “just water”.


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