Inspiration is all around us at all times and I am always watching for it.  The world is full of people, ideas, places that offer inspiration, ways of seeing the world with a different perspective.

I collect bits of inspiration in much the same way that I collect rocks wherever I go.   I also like to share, so have decided to start a Friday Finds post.  Each Friday I will share someone or something that makes me pause and inspires me to think and see in a new way.

You are probably aware that I love patterns.  (Just click on the word “Patterns” in the Tags list over on the right side of this page, and you’ll find all sorts of images of patterns.)  When I saw this article  about images that NASA just released of Mars, I was quite intrigued.  Image after image of the incredibly diverse surface of Mars.  I’ve never been that much into astronomy but all the colors and patterns were just amazing.  You can see all 44,176 images here One of my particular favorites is this one.  I just loved all the colors and unique designs.

So no images from me today.  Enjoy these scenes from another world.  What do they make you think of?

I’ll share more inspiration next Friday again.