I love to push the boundaries of what is considered photography.  I also love to learn.  So I often attend workshops and classes that show me different ways to both see and create.

Earlier this year, I attended a workshop on Gilding Photographs and have been working on the process.

The basic process involves printing an image on translucent vellum and then applying gold or silver leaf to the back of that print.  The result is an image that seems illuminated.  To me, they appear to have the texture and glow of silk fabric.

Here’s a peek of some of the process:

For me, it’s always important to ask why I am using a particular technique.  I want it to be intentional and to add something to the image that I couldn’t otherwise convey.  For some images, this helps me better express the wonder and awe that certain scenes evoke.

I should have some gilded prints available soon after the new year.