It warmed up today  (high 30’s F…yes, that qualifies as warming up around here) and that was reason enough for a walk with a friend and our cameras.  The Chenango Canal Towpath Trail in Deansboro, NY was part of the extensive canal system in the 19th century in NY state.  The abundance and diversity of plants and animals in every season is what draws me back repeatedly.  It’s on my list of the peaceful places to take myself.

Even in winter there was no shortage of interesting images we could make in this wonderful place.  I have several more images that I was pleased with and will use for mandalas and other things another time but today I thought it would be interesting to use only one image and only one type of mandala and see how many variations could be created.  All these mandalas use the 8 section template, so they all have the same number of sections and they all used the same source image.  The only difference is the section of the image that was used.  I love the variety!