The past two weeks, the mandalas have been re-imagined Daisies and Sunflowers.  Perhaps everyone else is as hungry for spring as I am, because those got a particularly good response.  As winter prepares at least one more punch tonight and the cold just won’t let up, spending a few minutes creating some new Daisy mandalas seemed like a good idea.  Also, a friend is having surgery tomorrow and she may consider these her personal  bouquet of warm wishes for healing.

Today, I decided to use basically the same, or same type of, section from the source image and see how that could result in different patterns.  So for each one, I used a portion that contained mostly petals and just a hint of the center of the flower.  I also expanded the background on the final mandalas, so that the black is not really part of the mandala anymore, merely the background that the re-imagined Daisy floats upon.  Enjoy!  Spring is almost here, but you won’t see these daisies in any garden. 😉