“I wonder”  and “What if”  are two of the best questions in creativity.

While I was playing with tulips and mandalas, I wondered what would happen if I applied some of the mandala creation techniques to a mandala.  Hmm, could be interesting.

You’ll recognize, perhaps, two of the mandalas here from a few weeks ago in this post.  Transforming those mandalas using multiple duplicate layers and some twisting, created entirely new patterns.  Then I thought, what happens if you layer two mandalas together?  The two combination mandalas in the gallery are a combination of 2 mandalas, the new ones from today each paired with one from last weeks group, to push it even a bit further.

One more week of tulips, next week.  I wonder what will happen if I take an image, create a mandala, create a mandala from that, and then create one more mandala from that.

Have a great week!