In Europe, cobblestones are ever present.  Usually they tend to be more symmetrically laid out  than this group that I came upon while in Zurich.  Nevertheless, I liked the patterns that these randomly arranged stones created and was drawn to capture this image, isolating the stones and their patterns.  At first it seems a very monochromatic image but then you see the shades of  green moss at the edges of the grey stones and the brown soil and then that one reddish leaf  over to the left.  At the time, I didn’t think about making mandalas with the image but when I came across it later thought it could be interesting to see how those patterns might generate further patterns.  Wouldn’t it be cool to design a courtyard using one of these mandalas!?


Next week and after, I’ll be moving away from my Swiss images for a while to use some newer ones I’ve taken recently as well as a few I specifically have in mind to create in order to make mandalas.  I’ve been working in the garden a lot lately, where most of my considerable rock collection resides, and came across at least one that begs to be photographed.

Have a creative week!