I’ve been in an experimental mood this week.  I have some new equipment that I’m testing out. I have some new ideas, thanks to a spending a couple of days re-reading some great photography books.  My brain is all full of “what if’s”.  So when I went to do today’s mandalas, I thought, what if I just play around with a mandala from last week and see what sorts of variations can be uncovered?  My main tool, as always, is Photoshop along with some cool plug-ins, Nik, Topaz, and my new favorite, Alien Skin.  I always customized any effects specifically for this mandala and the effect I was looking for, so these are not simply the result of clicking a button to achieve a predetermined look.  If you are interested in how I achieved a specific variation, let me know and I can give you an idea of how it was done.

The first image in the gallery is the original mandala that I used from last week’s post.  The remaining are all variations on that mandala.

The possibilities are endless, but other experiments are calling so I’ve left it with these 7 variations today.    What are you experimenting with lately?