After a month or more of heavy, flood-inducing rains followed by extreme heat, my gardens have exploded with growth and color.  As much as I can manage, I’ve been spending in my studio photographing much of this growth.

These images are just a hint of what’s being captured.  I’m just trying to get everything while it is around to be captured.  I’ll worry about processing later when things die down (pun intended).   🙂

I have at least 3 different projects in mind for all of these images and I’m playing with several different techniques.  These images only represent what I’m doing with the flowers against black velvet to isolate them and bring attention to their unique characteristics.

To top it off, I’ve spent the entire past week at what I call Photographers’ Camp, officially known as PPSNYS Imaging Workshop at Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, NY.  A whole week with 150 other photographers!

All in all, July has been great fun.


Queen Anne's Lace_1_©GSHaile


Queen Anne's Lace_2_©GSHaile


Queen Anne's Lace_3_©GSHaile