Today’s not only later than usual (it is still Monday, though) but a bit of a different than usual take on mandalas.  I spent a wonderfully creative weekend with a couple of other photographers.  We truly just played and spent a lot of time saying, what if you do this or maybe that?

As I was going through the 625 images from the weekend and thinking about what I was going to do for Monday’s mandalas, a few of the images struck me as natural mandalas. So instead of my usual way of creating mandalas, I decided to just let these “be”.    The first and last are as I saw them, just cropped and presented in a way to enhance their “mandala-ness”.  The middle two are a result of my playing with motion.  I purposely moved the camera when I took the images.   With the stones, I duplicated it just once and flipped it around to mirror itself so that it would create a circle of the stones.

Where might you see mandalas in your everyday journeys?