If you’ve been following for any time here, you know that I see beauty in the ordinary.  Today’s mandalas are such a perfect example of that.

I spent last weekend with two other photographers at a cabin on Lake Ontario.  I never fail to be amazed by the exponential power of creativity when you have a group of 2 or more creative people.   The entire weekend was a feast of ideas and learning for all of us, and the best part was that it felt so very much like play.  One day was particularly overcast and the light, it seemed, was rather flat.  We weren’t particularly inspired to head outside at this moment.  Spontaneously and somewhat randomly we started grabbing things on the kitchen counter that were awaiting being transformed into some delectable meal (the other creative part of the weekend) and headed out on the screened porch.  The  porch roof created some direction to the soft light and we spent almost three hours playing and photographing all sorts of ordinary objects in un-ordinary ways.  So much fun!

So, these mandalas started from an image of a most ordinary item but they are anything but ordinary to me.  I just love the rich color and all the texture.  Can you tell what the source image was?  Is it a mystery? or not?

I promise I’ll share the source image next week, just in case you can’t figure it out. 🙂