So did you guess what the mandalas were created from last week?  The first image in today’s gallery was the source image of an apple that was used for  those mandalas.  That wasn’t too hard was it?

One last image from my Lake Ontario weekend  was used for today’s mandalas, and I won’t make it a mystery this time. 🙂

This birch leaf was perched on the ever present rock ledges along the shore and the tones of the green and grey as well as  the multiple textures in both the leaf and the rock appealed to me.  Those qualities did, indeed, make for some interesting patterns.  What do you see in these mandalas?


Just a note…perhaps you noticed that I did not have a Fourth Friday post this past week.  That is because I was away for the week on a retreat.  Not only was I busy “playing” (almost 1400 images!) but there was very limited internet access so posting would have been difficult.  I thought I would wait and post just a few of those 1400 at the end of this week.  We’ll make it First Friday this time, so you can look forward to that. 🙂

Have a great week!