As I mentioned last week, I was in Phoenix recently and played around with some reflection images.  Here is another reflection that I captured while there:

Blue-Reflection_Gail-HaileAs I was sitting at my desk, shivering in this cold January air that has overtaken our part of the world, I was drawn to the blue tone of this reflection.  Blue is my favorite color despite the fact that it is considered a cool color.  So maybe both because it’s my favorite color and because I’m cold, the blue resonated with me today.

I made a few of my “regular” mandalas from the image and while they were interesting, somehow they were too muted for how I feel today.  I began to play with another way I make mandalas which tends to intensify the colors as well as obscure the original image more.   This was the final result of my play and it, somehow, really appeals to me today.  I love the bold blue and the intricacy of the pattern.



Normally, I would show you all the others that I created but this one, for me, is perfect for today. So I will leave it there and have you wondering  how that blue mandala resulted from that reflection image.   Next week, I’ll share the other 2 mandalas as well as a few of the steps on the way to this one.