Today’s post begins a new category of blog posts, Works in Progress.  I’ll share bits of what I’m working on so you might see how it develops.

For some time now, I have been fascinated with reflections.  Colors can be stretched and morphed to beyond their true being.  Light and color shift shape and size depending on your point of view, becoming something new, creating something different.  Even without my camera in hand, I’m always watching and noticing reflections and being intrigued with the abstractions that are created.  With camera in hand, I’ve spent hours recording the ever changing colors reflected in a harbor’s waters at sunset or the city reflected in a highly polished floor.

I’ve been pondering why I am so drawn to these ephemeral visions.  They are transitory, fleeting beings.  When I photograph them, it occurs to me to wonder what I am actually photographing.  It doesn’t actually exist, it’s not a physical thing.  It only exists because I notice it and if I record it as an image, is it then a “thing” ?

I’m still working out what makes reflections so interesting to me but a few weeks ago, as we were driving home from dinner in a downpour that turned to snow by the time we arrived home, I was mesmerized by all the reflections on the dark, wet pavement. I took some time to write about them that night.

A few of my rambling thoughts:

Is my interest because reflections, in their ephemeral nature, reflect the nature of life?  Moments of our lives are like those reflections, fleeting, snatches of times, gone too quickly without our control. They can change quickly depending on our perspective. those small, fleeting moments can hold such beauty if we are open to seeing it.  How we view them, our attitude, filters the scene and our memory of it.

An interesting thing happened that rainy night as the rain turned to snow.  The roads no longer reflected the colors and shapes.  As the slush covered the road, the vivid  colors, the distinct shapes, were muted or gone altogether.  What is the “slush” in our lives that causes us to not see and hold these fleeting moments with all the beauty they hold?

All food for thought.  It’s a work in progress.

Just a few of the many reflected moments that I’ve captured so far: