I spent a few days in Golden, Colorado last week.

Since last fall I have been part of the Gold mastermind group with Alyson B. Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach.  It is a diverse group of artists that includes painters, collage artists, jewelry designers, paper artists, and this lone photographer.  It’s all art, though, and we worked together to help each other better market that art.  As one who works alone much of the time, the creative synergy of a group was so energizing and inspiring.

I had given myself the gift of going a day early so that I had an extra day to explore Golden. Much of the day was spent wandering the beautiful historic area and the lovely campus of the Colorado School of Mines, taking pictures, and drinking lots and lots of water to combat the fatigue and vague queasiness that came with the high altitude.

I was traveling light in regards to camera equipment, having brought a small Canon G16 that has an amazing amount of functionality for a point and shoot camera.  Sometimes, it’s not convenient or even necessary to carry my big equipment and the G16 is great for those times.

Often when traveling, I come home with at least a few stonesso it’s surprising that while visiting this place rich with stone and rock that I didn’t have an extra 10 pounds in my suitcase.  I did find a few stones to photograph, however.  This one, in particular, was beautiful with the sandstone and quartz and a few other things that I couldn’t identify.  But, for one, it was part of the sidewalk design and it was the size of a 5 year old, so taking a few close-up pictures of it and making mandalas would have to suffice.

The soft rosy glow  and the complexity of these patterns are a prefect representation of my week in Golden.

It was a good Golden week.   How was your week?

If you know someone who would enjoy my work, I’d be happy if you would share this with them.

If you are interested in prints of any of these mandalas, contact me and I can make that happen. 🙂