In the past 5 weeks, I’ve been at home for only 2 of them. It’s a little hard to keep up with myself but it’s given me some wonderful opportunities.

One of those trips was to Colorado where spring was just beginning to think about showing up.  Just prior to spring arriving is when I appreciate the interesting shapes and lines of trees not yet filled out with leaves.  It’s even more interesting when you encounter trees that you are not familiar with, like I did when in Colorado.  On my drive away from the airport I began noticing all these tall, arching  trees with interestingly crooked branches.  I knew I’d want to find some to photograph during my visit.

I learned that these trees are cottonwoods, which apparently are a kind of poplar.  We do have poplars here on the east coast but I think they may be slightly different…something to investigate.

I was hoping for a colorful sky to backlight the branches but on the one day I had time to photograph, the sun merely set without any colorful fanfare.  The crooked branches still created some lovely patterns in this mandalas, though.

If spring has not yet brought leaves to the trees where you are, take time to notice the beautiful shapes and patterns that the trees make against the colors in the sky.



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