green_little_creatureThe tech gremlins were playing with my website yesterday.  

I was having difficulty posting some new images to my website galleries and it seems one of the images got posted as a blog post somehow.  So you got this strange random post this morning with a title about my favorite tree and my Morning Sunshine image of sunflowers.  That probably had you wondering if’d lost it. 🙂  Those tech gremlins have such a sense of humor!  Arggghhhhhh!

Just to show those little green creatures who’s boss, I’ll intentionally share Morning Sunshine and one more, Sunflower Sunrise with you.  I hope your weekend is as sunny as these images!

Thanks for following along with me even when the tech gremlins are having fun!

Morning Sunshine_Gail S. Haile

Morning Sunshine_©Gail S. Haile

©Gail Haile_Sunflower Sunrise

Sunflower Sunrise_©Gail Haile