It’s been a while since I created any mandalas. The process of creating mandalas is very calming and meditative for me.  It feels like life has been all over the place lately so it seemed like a good idea to spend a few minutes making some mandalas.

The flower, Cranesbill Geranium, is one that I inherited in my garden from the previous homeowners so It has been a constant in my garden for quite some time.  The location of the plants has changed over the years many times, and it pops out seeds that send up new plants in unexpected places the next year.  It’s name comes from the shape of the seed pods after they’ve popped, very much like a crane’s bill.

The Cranesbill Geranium  flower itself is very mandala-like.  And there’s something very uplifting to me about the magenta color especially when it’s concentrated so in these mandalas.  A paradox…making the mandalas was both calming and uplifting.  I hope they have that effect for you as well.

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