A beach in Delaware was where I spent most of my time last week.  There was not a lot of beach reading or sun bathing on my part.  When you’re at the beach with a 2 1/2 year old, playing in the sand, collecting shells, flying kites, and getting wet were the main activities.  In truth, those are my favorite beach activities any way.  It was great fun!

This beach didn’t have many stones, like this one in Block Island that I visited last year, or whole shells, like Sanibel Island, in Florida, where I was in March.  South Bethany Beach is mostly very fine sand with a few bits and pieces of shells and small pebbles.  It was wonderful for walking.  The one exception was a whole oyster shell that we found.  Below is a close-up image of that shell.

At first an oyster shell doesn’t seem to be the most beautiful shell but  I knew when I saw the colors and patterns that I wanted to see what kinds of mandala patterns it might hold.

©Gail Haile_Oyster shell

©Gail Haile_Oyster shell

I love the variety of patterns that emerged and the soft colors.  Such a humble shell held all this beauty!  

Check back next week for more shell mandalas from a rust colored shard of a shell.  

What’s your favorite beach activity?

What have you encountered that seemed mundane at first but held much more when you looked closer?

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