Winter is in full force in my part of the world.  Most days, I feel like I live inside a snow globe.

And it’s cold!  When the temperatures goes  below about 10 °F there is often frost on a few of our windows. The  frost phenomenon happens on windows when there is a some moisture and extreme cold.  Two windows near our bathroom often have frost in the morning when the nighttime temps have been in the single digits or below.  One of my winter delights is to check the windows in the morning for frost and see what sorts of interesting patterns the frost has made.  The patterns are usually back lit with the rising sun so they can be particularly beautiful.

Last week there were some particularly interesting frost patterns, like feathers. I couldn’t wait to see what they might offer in the form of frost mandalas.

I hope you enjoy these feathery frost mandalas.

Stay warm and think warm thoughts!