I bought two bouquets of tulips, one yellow and one orangey red from the grocery store the other day.  It had been a grey gloomy day and it was an attempt to bring a bit of spring into the house.  Also, I thought I’d continue trying out some flower mandalas, this time with tulips.  Some of the very first mandalas I ever attempted used a photograph of 3 red tulips that I had in my archives, but I’ve not used tulip images for mandalas since then.  So, I put the bouquet in the north light of a large window and took a couple dozen shots.  I played around with a few other images before settling on this one to use for the mandalas.  The mandalas that resulted from the first few images that I used were not at all appealing in my opinion.  These were better but I still don’t find these as interesting as some of the other mandalas that have resulted from flower images.  What do you think?

I have some ideas of how I might reshoot these tulips to perhaps achieve some more interesting mandalas and I will do that for next week.  After all, as Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”