Last week, I created some mandalas with images of tulips.  The bouquet of tulips was lit through a large window with soft north light.  I wasn’t particularly pleased with the resulting mandalas, so I had wanted to reshoot the tulips with different lighting  and try some new mandalas.  Well, last week was quite busy with a 3 day trip in the middle of the week.  In preparing for the trip I ran out of time to reshoot them and by the time I got home those tulips were drooping and dropping their petals all over the place.  So a new bouquet was purchased and I stole a quiet couple of hours in the studio to photograph these tulips in many different “poses” and lighting.  As it was a busy week followed by a busy weekend, that was the most I could accomplish. So, next week, I’ll have more tulip images and mandalas to share with you.

For this week, I hope you enjoy this image of the entire bouquet, sort of a portrait of spring.  I hope it was a peaceful and joy filled weekend for you.