There are a few more weeks of tulip mandalas planned.  I’ve been experimenting with different processes and images  to see what might result.   This week I used one new tulip image from the shots I took a few weeks ago and used my usual method of sampling a wedge out of the source image.  Different mandalas result based on the size of the wedge and the specific portion of the image chosen.  A wide variety of results can be had from just one image, as you see here.  Can you figure out which portion of the image was used and how many sections there are in the mandala?


Answers to last week’s question:  Which source image was used for each mandala?  In order: 2,1,1,2,1,2,2

Next week, I’ll use three different source images of tulips and create one mandala from each, using an entirely different method that the one I used for today’s mandalas.

Have a great week!