If you’ve been following this blog the past couple of  weeks, you know that I have been playing around with different images of tulips to create mandalas. (First week is here, and second week is here.)   Today is the first of a couple weeks of mandalas created using the new images that I took of a tulip bouquet. The first week’s bouquet was simply lit with soft window light and was a bit flat.  The second bouquet, the ones shown here, was photographed in the studio and lit from the side and behind, highlighting the details more.  I do like some of these much better than those first ones I did.  To me, the lighting is more interesting and so, creates more depth and drama in the mandalas.  But we all see different things when looking at these or any mandalas so, what do you think?

There are 2 source images for these mandalas, shown here.  Can you tell which image was the source for each mandala?  The answers will be in next week’s post.

Have a great week!