I’m still wading through the 1000+ images from my trip to Switzerland.  I promised in last week’s post ( here )that I would do a few weeks of tree mandalas and in the process tell you a bit about Switzerland.  I love the source image for today’s mandalas that I took the day we traveled to Mt. Titlis, a 3200 m (over 10,000 feet ) mountain in the Alps near Bern.  We took 3 different cable cars up to the top of the mountain, the last being the world’s first revolving cable car.  As one who is prone to motion sickness, I was not happily anticipating this part, but it was actually quite cool.  It was a damp, cool day at the base of the mountain but 2 degrees Celsius with 50 mph ( my estimation) winds at the snow covered top.  We had clouds below us and clouds above us.  Even on a foggy day such as that, the view was magnificent, though.  I’ve included one image just to give you an idea of the view.  This was the end of April.  The snow was melting and down below water was gushing everywhere but at this level of the Alps, the snow never leaves the top of the mountain entirely.


Mt. Titlis_©GSHaile



After riding the 3 cable cars back down to  the base of the mountain I was struck by the pattern the evergreens created against the fog and wondered what sort of mandalas that might create.   These are very different than other tree mandalas I’ve created that tend to be more crisp and contrasty.  I like the misty, dreamy quality of them.  What do they remind you of?



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