There was a full moon while I was in Zurich last month. (There was one this past weekend but the weather did not cooperate for it to be seen, much less photographed.)  We  set up two nights to try to catch images of the moon over the Alps.  The trick was to try to get the moon just as it was rising above the Alps that can be seen on clear days from the terrace of their apartment.  If you waited too long, it was too dark to still see the mountains.  But you can’t control when the moon rises as well as whether the sky is too hazy to see the mountains.  The shot we were going for just was not to be had either  night. Time spent taking pictures is never wasted, though.  I learned what to try and what not to do next time there’s a full moon.  I also enjoyed the colors in the sky and the contrast with the trees.  And, of course, I don’t need to be in Zurich to experience that.  That was just a bonus!

I’ve tried making mandalas with images of the moon and just don’t care for them.  There is something quite unnerving about seeing more than one moon.  I will share with you one of the moon images, though.  The mandalas are all created using  the moon-less image as their source.  I loved the colors in the sky that night.  I am always amazed by the infinite spectrum of colors that the sky displays in those moments between day and night and how those colors can change dramatically from one day to the next.

These mandalas are similar to some of the very first ones I ever made, having a very lace-like appearance.  What do they make you think of?


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