This past Friday I told a little about my retreat time on Block Island  and how I had to be reminded to play.  These mandalas are the result of some of that play.  A couple of evenings, I didn’t feel like photographing the sunset specifically though the light at that time drew me.  I often feel like sunsets are over photographed.  Yes, they are beautiful but I personally would rather just experience them and photograph something else.  What I did do was head to the harbor and not only enjoy the sunset but watch the light dance and play on the water as well as on all the boats and structures around the harbor.  When the sun is low to the horizon like that it bounces off everything and creates all these amazing colored patterns on the water, patterns that don’t really exist in a way.  They are there for a split second, IF someone is noticing, and then they are gone.   They fascinate me for not only their abstract beauty but for that elusiveness.   It was a bit like chasing butterflies or bubbles.  So 400 plus reflection images would say that I was truly playing, I guess. 🙂

These mandalas started with just one of those images.  I couldn’t resist discovering the types of patterns that an abstract design would create.