It’s been a less than peaceful Sunday afternoon.  We were away visiting family for the weekend and I came home knowing that I had about an hour’s worth of work I needed to get done for Monday.  All easy stuff.  Except that while I was away, the tech gremlins descended upon my office and wreaked havoc.  Nothing worked as it should when I rebooted my computer.  Hard drives seemed to have disappeared, keyboard wouldn’t work, random windows would spontaneously open.  Thus my “quick hour” of work turned into 5 or more frustrating hours of trying to sort things out.  Well, they are semi- sorted out enough that I am hopeful I can accomplish what I need to tomorrow.

The thing is, I always schedule my Monday post to publish at midnight so that you are all welcomed to Monday morning with some mandalas.  Even though the mandalas were created the other day, I hadn’t written the post yet.  At the moment though, I don’t feel like I have the brain power to write much interesting about those mandalas but I don’t want to miss being a bright spot in your Monday mornings.

Then  I remembered my delight when I discovered this stone mandala that someone had created on a beach where I spent 3 solitary hours exploring while on Block Island.  What a gift that was when I found it and a gift today to be able to easily share with you without any deep thought.  Well maybe just a little.  Just the thought that we are given many gifts each day and how often do we recognize them as such? And how often do we send gifts out into the world, as this mandala creator did, never knowing just how they may touch someone else?

Gift mandala_©GSHaile