A few weeks ago, I had a fantastic time leading a photowalk as part of  a larger  event, The Worldwide Photowalk.  The entire event had more than 1200 walks and over 28, 00 walkers all over the world. Here in my corner of the world, we had about 15 walkers and a perfect day for it.  It was a bit overcast and even started to mist a bit towards the end, but all that provided some interesting lighting conditions.  And it was like a giant photographers’ play date so we were all happy.  It was such an incredibly fun group of people with a wide range of interests and abilities and we all learned from each other.

We walked in an area that many, though not all, of us were very familiar with and tried to see the details that we too often overlook.  When we gathered after the walk, we reviewed all the images we had taken . It was so interesting to see the different things that people saw, or the different ways they photographed the same thing.

I’m always looking for interesting details that might be source material for mandalas and some of what I photographed during the walk fell in to that category.  The source image for today’s mandalas came from that day.  I like what happened to the background of this image, it’s out of focus but still created some interesting patterns.   The gold leaves have strong color and texture that contrasts well with that background.

There is a contest for the Worldwide Photowalk leaders to enter an image from the walk. (There is also one for walkers that has already closed for submissions.)  The rules are simple: it has to be an image that was taken on the walk.  Since one of the parent organizations for the walk is National Association of Photoshop Users image manipulation is allowed .   🙂   I’m planning on entering one of these mandalas and would love it if you’d help me decide which one.  In the comments section, please tell me your 2 favorites from this group of mandalas.  Each mandala has a number in it’s title (the titles show up when you click on an image to enlarge) so use those numbers to indicate your favorites.  Thanks for your help!


Note:  If you are new to this blog and wonder about why I create mandalas with my photographs, I suggest you visit my first Mandala Monday post, here.

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