Today brings more mandalas created from my time in Root Glen, a fantastic garden and arboretum near my home.  I talked about Root Glen in my post last weekalso.  There is a small stream that meanders through the Glen over rocks and under bridges.  I was intrigued with the colors and textures in these leaves that were on the side of the stream as the one inch of water in the stream flowed by.   I must admit that browns and similar colors are not my favorite so I did not expect to like these mandalas so much.  That is often the fun of it, though… you never can completely know what to expect.  I hope that the texture and depth and even the colors of these show  up adequately in this post.  I look at each one filling a 22″ screen and love all the detail, all from some “debris along the rocks” .  It does depend on the point of view that you choose.