The last few weeks have been busy with travel and family fun in Switzerland.  The posts for the past few weeks were done before I left but I didn’t do one for today, thinking that I might have some new images that could be used.  I do have some new images but most are of my grandson, which wouldn’t really work for mandalas.  🙂  The rest are panoramas of the Alps from the beautiful clear day we spent on Mt. Stanserhorn.  Again, those won’t really work for mandalas though I will share them another time.

So back into my files to see what I might have.  This source image is from a playful session of photographing food that I talked about in this post back in September. It is a closeup image of frozen blueberries that were put into water in a glass.  The frozen berries were quite frosty looking and caused condensation on the outside of the glass, all of which added an abstract out-of-focus feel to the image.   The frostiness reminded me of the chill that has crept into the air recently and the blue and purple hues add to that coolness.  And, randomly, they really make me remember the grape Popsicles that I loved as a child.  They were that rich, deep purple and had that frosty feeling when you bit into them.

Do you see or feel anything in these mandalas?